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Mc Namara's Cottages,
Co. Tipperary

Phone: 067 25282    -   Int + 353 67 25282

Getting Here

McNamara Drama Workshop

Come and enjoy our week long drama workshops, transporting children back in time to learn the importance of songs and storytelling in the past. The workshops will allow people to explore drama & theatre, help develop creativity and of course have a lot of fun.

Old Lime Kiln

Traditional Farm Tour - The workings of a Traditional Farm

Take The Farm Tour  -  Life on the Farm in Ireland

This is an incredible and unique opportunity, to taste and feel the classic pleasures of the countryside, through the sights, sounds, experience our natural heritage: the land.

The phenomenon of agritourism—, or rural tourism, or farm stays,

This tour is cultural, historical and educational. It is focused around a working farm with a knowledgeable guide on site who is able to explain all the aspects of this farm and the off farm enterprise. Farm issues of the day will be discussed, and there will also be a brief history of the local area. There is no similar tour in the region

This is a chance for visitors and European Tourists to see the last remaining
traditional methods of Irish farming and see how the off-farm enterprise got started on this farm.

The Unique

* Traditional Farm Summer Camps (Irish language, Drama, Music Dance and Traditional Singing. June and July 2011. Rates are €10 per person per day see Priscilla's program. Class numbers of 10 max 12

* Traditional Farm Open (Easter to November)


* €5.00 per person for Bus Tours (including refreshments)

* €5.00 per adult/children (children under 12 free)

* Self Catering at basic rate with Traditional Farm @ basic + 10%.

To Book call us on 067 25282 0r email us at